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Assisted living services focus on providing around-the-clock assistance to senior adults in the performance of essential daily tasks.

a caregiver assisting an elderly woman
One Stop Senior Service once maintained four assisted living facilities for senior who requires 24/7 assistance in activities of daily living, like bathing and grooming, personal hygiene, meal preparation, among others. With our 25 years experience tucked behind our back, we know the ins and outs of what works and what won’t in each facility. For this reason we pre-screened, conduct an ocular inspection, do our own assessments and interviews staff before we give out recommendations and referrals to friends and our clients. We always give free recommendations for the family to choose from.

If you’d like more info about the FREE referral service, please call at 951-333-0483 (Edna), 951-563-2626 (Alan) or 916-606-3100 (Sacramento, CA).

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