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Seniors who have dreamed of traveling to different places can do so with our International Living Option package. Our entire staff has the experience and expertise and are willing to walk an extra mile to serve you or your loved ones.

people eating togetherOne Stop Senior Service offers International Living Option (ILO), our signature package tailored for your enjoyment and relaxation. This cost-effective option allows you to travel safely to different places abroad.

Here, you are given the chance to fulfill one of the most popular “bucket lists” wish… to travel safely to different places abroad. Yes! Travelling in luxury, pampered with all the services you can imagine, from gourmet food, maid service, chauffeur service, guided local cultural tours, places of interests, educational tours, theaters and plays. All guests are also given the opportunity to volunteer in various community services offered and announced from time to time. Here, at your own bidding, you could be your own “ambassador of goodwill” in your little small ways.

International Living Option is our signature package tailored for your enjoyment and relaxation. We packaged this program to be reasonably cost effective for everyone to enjoy. The basic rate starts at unbelievably low 4 figures, $2,395 per month, with month-to-month contract. For longer terms of 6-months or more, it will be $1,985 per month and if paid in advance. The house will credit guests with one-way plane ticket from any point in the U.S. to the country of destination, (Cebu, Philippines). This monthly rate includes single private room or shared for couple; three (3) gourmet meals and snacks; one free guided tour weekly and one overnight tour monthly. The first day of service will commence from the time of arrival and ends at the time of departure. You will be met at the airport by our receptionists and uniformed chauffeur to be taken to your accommodation, where crew of friendly and smiling household staff awaits you. Reward yourself this gift that meant to linger in your memories and forever enshrined in your heart. Don’t let this special offer pass you by. Fulfill your lifetime wish unfolding before you now, don’t wait for the next opportunity, for it may not come again. Now is the time, before life catches us.

The first league of the journey is the Philippines, a beautiful tropical paradise comparable to Hawaii. The Philippines is an archipelago composing 7,107 islands. It is considered as the beach capital of Asia having a coastline twice the length of the U.S. The total land area if put together is about the size of Nevada and Hawaii combined. The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia and the only colony the U.S. had, (1898 to 1946). English is widely spoken and is considered the 2nd language. Accommodation is in the Queen City of the Philippines, Cebu, a very historic place, conveniently located in the central Philippine Islands and a very popular tourist destination. This is where Magellan came in 1521 in search for the Spice Island, and befriended the chieftain, Rajah Humabon and later converted all his men to Christianity. This is where Christian faith started outside of Europe and the first in Asia. The Philippines is predominantly catholic country and the only one is Asia. Next phase of the journey is Palawan Island, the Philippines most pristine environmentally protected major island. Both are popular tourist destinations from all over the world.

The strongest ties that bind the new and the old world are our history and our people. To date there are approximately four (4) million Americans with Philippine ancestry in the U.S. The Philippines remains one of the trusted allies of the U.S. and has mutual defense treaty with the United States.  After WWII and until recently, the Philippines is the only foreign country where the US Navy was recruiting. In 1992 there were 12,625 Filipinos serving in the U.S. navy and thousands other in the Army and the Air Force specially those from 2nd generations Fil-Americans.

To talk to our staff about this option, please call us at 951-333-0483 (Edna), 951-563-2626 (Alan)/032-520-9436 (Nancy) or 916-606-3100 (Sacramento, CA). Don’t wait for the next opportunity to fulfill your wish to travel for it may not come again. Now is the time before life catches us!

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