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High-Inflammatory Diets That Lead to Dementia Risk


A May 6, 2022 study published in the online journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia found that diets high in foods associated with inflammation may accelerate brain aging, leading to dementia.

According to Harvard Health, researchers looked at over 2,000 healthy participants from the Framingham Heart Study (average age 62) who filled out meal questionnaires and underwent brain MRIs. Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) scores for the participants were determined using information from the questionnaires that were gathered over a period of ten years.

A higher DII score denotes a pro-inflammatory diet, while a lower DII score suggests a more anti-inflammatory diet. Pro-inflammatory diets frequently contain higher levels of simple carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fat, and fried foods.

As a provider of memory care in California, we understand that a healthy diet can lead to better health: physically and mentally. As such, One Stop Senior Service offers quality senior care services that aim to improve our client’s quality of life at home and in the community.

We can help your loved one eat anti-inflammatory diets, such as oily fish, fruits, and vegetables. Beans, nuts and seeds, olives and olive oil, and fiber are also great additions to this diet.

With the assistance of our elder care services in Berkeley, California, we offer a “guilt-free” alternative to taking care of your loved ones. We assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, grooming, hygiene, medications, and more.

Our independent living communities in Moreno Valley, California, will be more than happy to assist you or a loved one in receiving appropriate care that improves health, not declines it.

Get in touch with our international living services today at 961-606-3100.

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