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Why Recreation Is an Important Senior Activity

Recreational activities can help boost physical, emotional, and mental health in aging adults, reducing the risks of conditions like dementia, hypertension, depression, stress, and other chronic conditions. Our independent living communities in Moreno Valley, California, can help your elderly loved ones enjoy many fun activities and hobbies. Notable benefits of recreational activities you may not have known about include:

  • Encouraging Social Interactions

    A common issue many seniors face is social isolation and loneliness. Recreational activities are a great way to help them spend time socializing with others. It can also help them meet new people by developing new interests.

  • It Is a Great Way to Help Seniors Stay Active

    Recreational activities come in many shapes and forms. Many of them involve physical movement and activity, helping seniors get their daily dose of essential exercise. Notable examples include dancing, gardening, and swimming. Our elder care services in Berkeley, California, can help your loved ones enjoy recreational activities safely and comfortably.

  • It Can Improve Emotional and Cognitive Well-being

    Individual and group activities can help seniors express themselves and what they feel, helping boost their self-esteem and confidence. Recreational activity also boosts brain activity to help improve cognitive function and emotional health. We also offer memory care in California to help seniors improve their mental and emotional states.

Our independent living and international living communities can help your elderly loved ones with their activities of daily living and more. Call One Stop Senior Service at 951-333-0483 for more information.

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