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Are You Performing Your ADLs with Ease?


Every day is never the same. We attend various activities scattered across each day of the week. Despite the differences, there are activities that we do daily to support everything else we do in life.

These are essentially known as Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs. Our independent living communities in Moreno Valley, California, support seniors and older adults in performing these ADLs. What makes these activities so important?

  • Meeting Your Needs
    These activities of daily living gear toward meeting a vital need. Eating meals, attending to your hygiene, dressing, and grooming are things needed to survive daily. Performing these activities has everything you need to function accordingly.
  • Structuring Your Day
    Providing memory care in California has taught us that a structured day can benefit seniors and older adults. It is easier to etch habits and daily patterns into your long-term memory with a proper routine. A good daily routine will also boost your productivity as it helps you make the most out of your waking hours.
  • Improving Quality of Life
    Your quality of life soars high when your physical and mental needs are provided. By performing these ADLs, you are subtly preserving your living quality.

Here at One Stop Senior Service, we have the care experts and resources to preserve and uplift your quality of life. We provide elder care services in Berkeley, California, to help meet your loved one’s every need.

We also offer international living for those who want to see more of the world. Call us for your inquiries today!

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