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Encouraging Seniors to Spend Some Time Outdoors


To be honest, regardless of your age, being able to spend time outside is a terrific approach to improving your quality of life and general health. However, it is equally necessary to emphasize the significance of exercising caution when outdoors, especially for the elderly. One Stop Senior Service is a wide range of quality elder care services in Berkeley, California, that allows seniors to live the best of their aging years.

Outdoor exercise is a wonderful suggestion for seniors in our independent living communities in Moreno Valley, California, who have little to no mobility concerns. Walking, performing yard work, caring for outdoor spaces, going on picnics, or spending time outside with friends all enhance cardiovascular exercise, which is beneficial to both mental and physical health.

Seniors who are also a part of our memory care in California are highly encouraged to spend some time outdoors, get vitamin D, enjoy the breeze of fresh air, and communicate with other seniors and the care providers around them.

We remind seniors who love spending time outside to always wear good quality sunscreen that is suitable for their skin types. Our international living care providers will be with you wherever you go to ensure that you are safe, healthy, and having fun.

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